About us (me)


I am the lady part of OMILOS.I am living in Crete for a long time, and love the island, the Cretan people and geocaching. For me geocaching is a new way to show people the beauty of nature, history, and my love for the island and to discover this way new places. We hided more than 100 caches in Crete and with pleasure do the maintance for another 50. Unfortunately we are only 6-7 teams who lives at the island permanently and got involved with caching. So especially at winter it is a private game (how Wind& Water said at a log).

I am a cook, and the male part of OMILOS is a waiter so we have a lot of free time at winter so we will start a blog about geocaching in Crete. I hope you find a lot of useful information and if you have any question feel free to write a comment or mail.


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