First geocaching day of the year

Today was the first meeting two of the Cretan geocaching teams, omilos and RenPet. We met each other at Drosia, a small village between Rethimno and Heraklion under the snow covered Psiloritis.  The first thing was to place the first cache of the year in Crete. Moni Halepa.It was placed by RenPet to a beautiful nearby monastery.

Then we replaced our cache near Doxaro “Geotrail 4 nature” which was destroyed during the construction of a road a few months ago. It was funny that we lost our road to the cache and we did a round walk. But it was nice today because it was sunny although you could feel the cold.

Then the female member of omilos suggested going to a cache near Vosakos monastery “Hiking in Vosakos area” which RenPet haven’t find yet. She suggested also to don’t go from the path from Aloides but to make a “shortcut” from the main road. She said it would be faster this way. So we followed her advises just to find ourselves to try to climb at the mountains. We spend the triple time to arrive at the cache area climbing at terrain 4 or 4.5. Finally RenPet found the cache and as a reward we all had dinner at our home, beansoup.

A perfect start for a new geocaching year in Crete.


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