Lassithi region

I like the idea from an other geocaching blogger to create a list of my favorite caches. Because we have placed a lot of caches , I like to prepare 2 list.One for our owned caches  and an other for caches owned by fellow cachers.

Our favorites in Lassithi region:

Lassithi is the easternmost region of the island, with less rain, less density population, and unfortunately less tourism. Probably that’s why there aren’t so many caches and they are far away each other.


  • For adventure and unusual nature for Crete is Waterfalls photo
  • To visit an ancient site visit Ancient olive , I admire old olive trees. We have a few caches close to some of them.The TREE
  • To visit a gorge go to  Kritsa gorge, this is a small gorge, but with a very interesting walk.It is  narrow .
  • For a lost place is Faros .photo

One response to “Lassithi region

  1. Thanks for listing a couple of my caches as your favorites in the Lassithi Region ! I’ve signed up to watch your blog. Great idea !

    Love and kisses,
    Bill and Fran

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