The force of nature

Today the weather was beautiful and sunny but we weren’t able to go for mountain hiking because Juktas (our 10 years old daughter) was sick yesterday. So then the idea came to see what happened at Spilies beach where the Fossil Bay cache is. Recently RenPet told us that a collapse of a sea tunnel happened there.

We arrived at the beach and we were astonished when we saw the fallen rocks. WOW!!! We checked that the cache is ok and we placed a Tb in. Then we start to investigate what happened. Juktas noted immediately that the rock we were standing is much lower than it was in the summer. I took some pictures to check it later home, we have many pictures of this place because we love this place. We decided to check the fallen rocks closer, with a little fear. Incredible to see what an earthquake (probably) or sea power can do. We didn’t stay long because fear was stronger than curiosity. Going back to our car we met an English couple who were running with their dog. We chatted a little and we found that the incident took part around Christmas. We will always remember our swimming in the tunnel and its turquoise water.

After a refreshing coffee we went to the next beach to replace a long time lost box ( I hope not too late) of a friend and check what happened there. Standing at the beach we couldn’t see any difference but we don’t know this beach so good as the previous one.

Our final thought is that the whole think is due to the distraction power of the sea with a little help of a small earthquake. Crete is actually made mostly from limestone and this is the result of it.


2 responses to “The force of nature

  1. Wow we too! Unbelievable! We’ll go there to see it too!

  2. That is incredible!!! If I hadn’t seen the photos for myself I wouldn’t have believed it. As you say “the force of nature”. It can be un-nerving.

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