Two new caches near an unknown roman city.

Sunday morning, a beautiful weather and we decided with Juktas to place some caches and find some caches. I found an interesting hike near Agios Nikolaos from a friend of us in everytrail. Usually when I find a hike in everytrail from him is mostly on paths or dirt roads, this was an exception.

We discovered that after one km hike when the path was lost. Actually we didn’t lose the path, there wasn’t a path! But we were excited to climb the mountain that nothing could stop us. After 1,5 hour we reached the top and we searched for a while to find the entrance to the church. We rested for a while, had a small lunch and continue our way to the ridge to find the ancient city of Naxos. Unfortunate the city is totally abandoned so we couldn’t see much. But the view to the gulf of Mirabelo is fantastic. You can see Spinaloga, Plaka and Agios Nikolaos like you are in airplane. Close to the edge we hided a cache, took some photos and started to think how we would come downhill. We couldn’t find the north path so we had to continue the everytrail path; it wasn’t as difficult as it was look like.

The south wind was so strong which became our major problem downhill. Just before we reached the dirt road we found a stone pill to cover us a little from the wind. Then we decided to hide another cache nearby so cachers get more interest for the area. After 5.5 km in 4 hours fighting with the mountain we reached our car.

We drove to ancient Lato to a new cache wishing to get the award of FTF. Juktas found it easy and we were lucky that the archaeological site was open and we visited it for free. It was very interesting how well the ruins were preserved during the time.

The last action of the day was to find a multi in the city of Agios Nikolaos but we couldn’t find even the first stage. We aren’t very good in multis in Crete except the “Bottom of the gorge”, our favorite.

The summary of the day was two new caches, a FTF, a DNF, a difficult hike and on time home for the dinner.


One response to “Two new caches near an unknown roman city.

  1. It seems you had an excellent Sunday!
    We are looking forward to going for your new caches.
    Now, about the path on Oksia, we have to let Pezoporikos know. They are experts in discovering and exploring paths from detailed old maps. 😉
    (In your log in Lato cache, I think you should correct STF with FTF, am I right?)

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