Spring is finally on the way to Crete!

This week report is 1 FTF and 2 new caches. It looks like spring is coming soon. The last days the rain stopped for a bit and we could go out to the mountains two times for caching.

Definitely I need that. This year is the first time I am really unemployment and that make me crazy ( a little bit).Of course every year in winter I am working less, but now with the crisis this became too less.( I am cooking at a seaside taverna in Heraklion. Omilos cache).At least we have Geocaching and forget the big mess about Greece.

FTF view over Malia cache

Tuesday we met with RenPet at the “Highway” and started to drive with 2 cars to the cache area. The cache had been placed by Pezoporikos (it is a walking group) not long ago. Pezoporikos is a member since summer and they put excellent caches mostly at the mountains, what I like most.

This box what we went for is placed close the middle of a footpath with fantastic view. Thats why the 2 car solution is best for it, and of course we took the easy way, downhill. And  for my big surprise this is a real FOOTPATH.

After about 1 hour walking and talking the box was in my hand first. I left a coin what traveled with us since Christmas and half an hour later we arrived to the car. Quickly we collected the other car from top and went home and had a nice meal cooked by mother in low. A glass of wine , some raki and good company made me feel much better, to forget misery.

2 new caches closed to Heraklion

I have nothing much to do –especially in rainy days-so I am looking for nice, interesting places, maybe good also for a cache. Thursday morning we left again for one of these places and till midday we had place 2 boxes. The first was at Temenos castle, what impressed me very much.

It is a historical , huge place on top of a hill closed to Profitis Ilias village with fantastic views to Juktas (I like that mountain from all sides), the snowy Psiloritis range and the green fields with thousands of olive trees till the eye can see.

We wore lucky because the weather was sunny and the atmosphere very clear and bright. We did a lot of nice photos and placed the box on the top.

The other place what I always wanted to see is Epanosifi Monastery.(Many times we past the sign for it.) I am not a religious person, but I like the peace and order in Monastery’s and churches especially in Crete.

From the castle is about 15 km ride, but what a ride. This winter had rained a lot and the asphalt road what we took was broken in many parts, but we managed (as always) to make it. Many grape fields are under water, and creeks everywhere. The monastery was how I ecpected, well looked after and with a lot of monk habitant. I like to come back in May, June to see also the garden at full color.

This is how geocaching can help you to forget difficult situations and make your everyday life better.


One response to “Spring is finally on the way to Crete!

  1. Wow! We think the same way! In my logs in your 2 new caches that we found today, I wrote that geocaching is the best medicine against crisis and depression. And indeed it is! It turns our mind to beautiful landscapes and interesting places and makes us go to the country and turn off that damned TV!

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