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Aradena gorge

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The “usual” team RenPet, Juktas and Omilos went out for “some” hike again. After a difficult weekend at work I had to go out, enjoy the nature and relax. For me (Susana, the female Omilos) the best way of relaxing … Continue reading


My hiking experiences at Agios Ioannis

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Μέρα 1 Μια ανοιξιάτικη Δευτέρα φύγαμε για ένα τριήμερο ταξίδι με συνοδεία έναν καταγάλανο ουρανό με τα άσπρα φτερά του και με Ήλιο λαμπερό σαν χρυσό. Όταν φτάσαμε στην εθνική οδό είδαμε και μια γαλαζοπράσινη θάλασσα με της μπλε της … Continue reading


This week adventures at the mountains

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First try to hike KOulOukona (from the East) Not long ago RenPet put a new cache near the wind generators at Koutsoutroulis peak at Vosakos area. We were there together with his fantastic cachemobile. On top there I got the … Continue reading

A walk in Kolokytha – or Spinalonga – peninsula near Elounda

Last Sunday Spring decided to visit Crete at last! The sun was shining bright, the wind was blowing pleasantly, light filled the day and we couldn’t help rushing outdoors! Elounda and the surroundings seemed a great idea.Image

Arriving at Elounda we turned straight to Poros, where the small bridge and the windmills are.  The place offers some great geocaching opportunities: Olous Earthcache offers breathtaking information about the geology of the area and Crete. It’s also fun trying to answer the questions.

Then we crossed the bridge over the canal that was built by the French in the late 19th century. Elounda Windmills is a cache of our own at a picturesque spot. When the wind blows strong, you can understand why the windmills were built there! It’s a micro requiring stealth mode.

Then we chose to drive the two-km dirt road uImagep to the small church of Aghios Loukas. There is enough parking space there and Spinalonga is a must. This cache is one of our favorites because it offers great view to the area and it’s one of our first caches.

From the parking place we took the dirt road down towards the sea, reached the remains of an old basilica on the coast and continued on the clear path towards north. It was so beautiful: nice clear colors, the scent of wild flowers all around, the view to the sea all along it, the quiet and peace, as the noisy boats filled with tourists, the grilling and the loud music are to come only when the season is on.

The area is a natural habitat for many species of birds and seagulls often fly over your head.Image

We followed the path for about 30 minutes, it’s about two km long. In front of us we could see the small, recently renovated church of Aghios Fokas. A fishing boat was moving slowly around the bay, some people were gathering herbs, some other were walking their dogs and some were just sitting in the sun after so many rainy weeks.

We decided to hide our new cache in the area of the church, Kolokytha. The location is beautiful, there are so many hides around.Image

If you continue the walk after the church, you can find more beautiful places, but the wind is usually strong there. Waves breaking on the rocks are a nice view to watch. Unfortunately trash that people leave behind can be a disadvantage.

We strongly suggest a visit in Kolokytha peninsula. The Mediterranean landscape there can make your day!




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                                       My adventure at Oxia                                   … Continue reading


Me hiking at ancient Naxos

Me hiking at ancient Naxos


600km and 11 finds (2new) on 3 days

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The third day we were lucky, because the weather it was still good at the morning. After breakfast I found the “Misiria bridge” cache, again FTF!!!! I was a little bit nervous, because the owner was sunbathing on the bench and … Continue reading