600km and 11 finds (2new) on 3 days

I had a very nice long weekend with RenPet and Juktas at the south of Crete.

I plan this trip quite long time now but sometimes the weather sometimes the flu was stopping us.

First day

Finally last Saturday we managed to start the caching weekend. I wanted to get about 10 finds and it’s happened. On the way to the South West first we stopped at a cache “Play time” where I had bad experience before. The owner of the coffee place wasn’t happy for us looking for a cache at his garden, but the cache isn’t inside (Wind& Water told me), so I was feeling free to look for it, and it was an easy find, but clever hide.

The next stop was “Tavronitis Bridge” with the torpedoes. This is second time for me here and this time I was lucky, because the box was lying (the magnets are not so strong anymore) so I found it. Cleaned it a little, and put it back.

The next is from our cache friend Schnaffels box at Polirinnia. It was time to get out from the car for a little walk to the acropolis and see some nice spring flowers and the fantastic view in the sunshine. With a little difficulty I found the cache and for the first time it started to seems like I will have a good day of finding caches. You have to know, usually Juktas or George (other half of Omilos) find the boxes.

After taking a lot of pictures we started to go to the southwest beaches near Elafonisi. The road is long and from the winter rain is in bad condition at some place. But we arrived at Chrisoskalitsa Monastery well and I found the cache easy again. This time we didn’t visit the monastery because we were in hurry to visit the fantastic Elafonisi beach. Especially this time of the year no one is there and it is a really magic place. After a nice walk on the virgin sand near the water (Juktas got wet of course from the waves) and taking some photos, we started the adventurous drive to “Elafonisi calling” cache.

Last time when we had a chat with cache owner (Kreizweh), he told us that the road is o.k. up there. Probably that’s why he has that name” Kreizweh” (back pain) because he is driving this kind of roads. But it is worth to go up there. The view is fantastic and you see with a different angle Elafonisi beach. Also the dirt road is a big cut to Paleochora, our target to spend the night.

On the way there we stopped at the lovely beach of Koundoura, but unfortunately we didn’t find the cache there. I found this one some years ago. I contacted the owner, and she said we can place a new box there the next morning.

We arrived in time to Paleochora to see the local carnival and got a place to sleep. When everybody was watching the parade we went up the castle so Juktas and RenPet could find the cache there. Juktas was much excited going in the night (she’s afraid from the dark). They found the box easy.


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