600km and 11 finds (2new) on 3 days

Second day

we started with breakfast at Heidell05 “Anidri beach” cache. His caches are special for us because our milestone for the 500 finds was also his, in Vienna. It is an unknown, friendly beach; I hope we will visit it at the summer too. I like to walk the E4 path from Ag. Ioannis to Elafonisi sometime soon and collect some caches at lost places on the track.

Jumped in the car of RenPet, what is a fantastic cachemobile. It can do everything except coffee. We parked it on a dirt road and we started hiking to get a FTF at “E4 St. Antony” church.

It was a nice 1 hour walk and a very difficult find even with the spoiler picture. The FTF goes to me. We didn’t understand the hint at all. At home George told me what it means and I felt a little bit shame to not understand it but anyway I am not a religious person. We came back by the lazy way while talking and admiring the landscape.

Then back to Koundoura to put a new box for «lost» cache. When we are approached the cache area suddenly we saw a box lying on the sand. Then we had a closer look and it was the lost box, 45 meter away from the original coordinates!!

(At beginning of February we had really bad weather and big waves at the south).It was dry and we started to log when we noticed that the last find was only a week ago.  I think they found the box by luck .We set a new, safer place from the waves and hided it again. Then we left the beautiful southwest part of Crete.

We drove a completely different landscape through the mountain to Milia. There 3 caches were waiting for us. It is a kind of series; you have to find the first to go to the next… I tried it before without luck. At that I didn’t find the second cache. Now I didn’t find even the first one. We didn’t notice that the cache place was changed. Never mind, next time. Actually except me no one else wanted to walk anymore other 2 hours on the hills.

RenPet on the way back placed a new cache, what I like very much. I hope more people visit this special part of the mountains, it is worth it.

On the way back to Rethimno area, we stopped at Chania, and Juktas founded for both of us a micro (RenPet placed it) “In the Garden”.

Unbelievable how huge are the magnolia trees there, I never saw these before although I have be in Chania several times.Αt home I had a search on internet and I found out some very interesting things. The park was designed in 1870 according to European standards and was the first charitable work in Chania, a project of Reouf Pasha. In 1900 here was the 1. International exhibition of Chania and in 1905 opened the first cinema . That’s why is so excited to go caching. Make you notice places where other ways you were just passing. After we drove for another city cache, but DNF again, it was the second that day.

At the evening I had a good bottle of wine alone (RenPet are feasting, Juktas is not drinking yet) and we solved the 2 Heraklion mystery (one is my) for the next day.


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