600km and 11 finds (2new) on 3 days

The third day

we were lucky, because the weather it was still good at the morning. After breakfast I found the “Misiria bridge” cache, again FTF!!!! I was a little bit nervous, because the owner was sunbathing on the bench and watching me on my knees looking for the cache. But I got it!!!

After we visited Agia Irini monastery. Renpet knew this place and wanted to show it to me while he put a challenge there.( Unfortunately no place for a box.)Today, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful monasteries of the island. It was restored with great care and in accordance with the original monastic architecture. I wish many people will visit this monastery.

Then we drove up a mountain, whose name is Koutsotroulli.

It is 1075m peak, where there are a few wind generators, and go’s a good road for up. There is a little problem; the road is locked with a bar. The key is in the opposite tavern. We got it!!!Till RenPet placed a new cache there we took hundreds of photos. It is an unbelievable place. The next cache has to be at the nearby peak, I already checking it.

After a coffee at the tavern (with the key) Juktas found a cache at a nice place “Peter and Pavlos” church.

I will come back here definitely at a sunny day to relax. It started to rain, so we headed back to Heraklion. We had the coordinates for the mysteries from last night, so it was an easy find the first one in the park “Working class”. Then RenPet found my mystery with some difficulty and I had the pleasure to sit back and watch. Closing with a good diner at the seaside Tavern was a must of course with the other part of Omilos, to tell the stories of these days.

Here is our trip on the map.

Before the next caching  the snow has to melt in Crete!!  We took these photos at the last day of February at 400m altitude.


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