This week adventures at the mountains

First try to hike KOulOukona (from the East)

Not long ago RenPet put a new cache near the wind generators at Koutsoutroulis peak at Vosakos area. We were there together with his fantastic cachemobile. On top there I got the idea, I have to climb somehow the nearby top, what is Kouloukonas peak, and leave a box there.

The two peaks nearly have the same elevation, 1065m about. From that time I was looking for tracks and for paths everywhere. Both the possibilities  I found was looking difficult because of the rocky terrain. So on Wednesday morning after a good start, (FTF at 7 Baltades cache) we tried to conquer the peak from the East. But after an hour jumping, climbing, crawling was anything but not a lovely hike, we gave up.

We had a picnic at one of the thousands of rocks, we rested and we got some power to come down; usually going downhill is more difficult. After  we went to check the path from the West, but a river was crossing the road and couldn’t go further with the car. So we had a lovely coffee (my first FRAPE at 2012) at Drosia and a nice chat. I promise that the box will be there as soon as possible.

Sunday at Mirabello bay

As I don’t work full time yet, I am trying to spend a lot of hours caching. Unfortunately  in summer I can’t look for boxes as often as I want due to my work. But to have a work is a privilege in Greece nowdays.

So last Sunday with warm but windy weather our little team (RenPet, Juktas and me) went off to the mountain again. Our target was different. For me it was to find a different way to approach the mountain Oxia, and find a new cache by our friend Wind&Water (Kolokytha).You can read how they placed the cache at the previous article.  Renata and Peter wanted to find my caches around Oxia, and of course to find Kolokytha.

My morning started with an unplanned DNF at the town. It is still waiting for me. Even today in the rain I didn’t found this cache.

With an early morning start soon we arrived to Elunda and found the dirt road who goes to the feet of Oxia from the North. We met two shepherds and they showed us the path to the top. After a half hour uphill at a good path we arrived at Timeos Stavros church. Juktas-she has a little cold-and I had a breakfast at a windless spot, till RenPet found my cache Ancient Naxos.

After I hided a box nearby with the help of Peter.  Unfortunately somehow the coordinates of this place was lost from my GPS. So the box is there, but no cache!!!! (Maybe I will need a little notebook, like Renate do?)  This incidence is giving us the opportunity to go soon at the area again.

After we went to find my other cache, above Spinalonga.  We had to drive all around Oxia to get nearby. We had a good laugh when we saw the same two shepherds milked their goats and ships. They were really surprised to see us again and asked if we will go from this side also to the top. I didn’t want to explain them about our game. With 20 minutes hike on bad terrain RenPet got the box easy. Then coffee and pancakes at Elunda to get some force for the next walk.

Going to Kolokytha cache was “just” a nice easy  walk on the seaside while we smelled the spring flowers around.

I was lucky with this one again. Juktas was first at the spot, Peter was far away (I think his GPS sabotaging him) and Renate started to “disbuild” a pile of stones from the top. I went from the other side of the same pile and moved ONE stone and got the cache. I was very happy. Not long ago I was always the last to find a box, now I feel I am getting better (at least at the mountains).

On the way back I measured the ancient town Olous walls (they are under water), which is one of the questions of the Earthcache. It is a very exciting, historical and natural monument of what happened in Crete at 365.A.D. And we took the way back (never the direct way, like good cachers). Juktas found Spinalonga Vista cache again for her account. Later we tried to find a road for a monastery but it was late, and started to getting dark, so we headed home. I had a nice day again in the countryside with good company and nice boxes.


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