Gallery at the “far” East Crete

My dear friends came from England for a week holidays, so I organized a few days caching tour at the far East of Crete together with another friendly couple. The team: Biggles46, RenPet, Juktas and Omilos (we) started the trip at Easter Sunday after a delicious meal, lamb of course, except Biggles who is vegetarian. Kato Zakros is too much drive to do it at once so we slept one night in the small village Mochlos. On Monday morning we found Agio Pnevma cache placed by another great cacher friend Mythos-dreaming. The cachers community is small in Crete!

Then we set off for the “famous “Waterfalls cache, which happened to be my favorite cache.

We went for it on the easy way, from the beach, but in some places it was still challenging to walk, because of the quantity of water and a lot of nettles. I don’t think it is possible to come from the upper part of the gorge to the cache at least till June without swimming in the freezing water.

After a short picnic we found the cache o.k. and drove up to the Richtis bridge cache, a cache by Albuquerquebill (another good friend, who placed a few caches last year in the area)

The next stop was at Sitia, and an easy find by Juktas until the men rested at the bench. She signed for everybody in the logbook.

Started to be late, we left quickly to go to Toplou Monastery, visited the monastery and the famous museum and had some beers and coffee.  We found this cache easy. Wind&Water, thank you for placing these new boxes in the area.

About 5 o’clock we arrived to Vai where we got 2 caches and had a short swim in the sea. Still the water is very cold; only the brave half of the team went in. Especially this time of the year Vai is a paradise.

At late afternoon, nearly dark we arrived to Kato Zakros and got the last cache of the day in front of the windows of our apartment. We finished the day with a fine dinner, beers and some house wine. We had a great day.


One response to “ at the “far” East Crete

  1. Sounds as though you had a really great week!! Jim

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