Gallery at the “far” East Crete

After watching the beautiful sunrise at 6.41 I had a nice walk around Kato Zakros. Unfortunately I didn’t find coffee till 8 o’clock. I woke up everybody, to get ready for the second day tours. We split the team, because I desperately wanted to go to Chochlakes gorge, but I wasn’t sure how difficult is the hike there. 2 weeks ago another cacher couldn’t make it till the end; there was too much water in the gorge. So the 2 gentleman( from RenPet, Biggles46 ), Juktas and me went to the gorge, and George (Omilos male part) and the 2 lady’s went for an “easy” walk to Pelekita cave to place a new box.

Our gorge walk started with a worming up on a nearby hill. Ha-Ha!

I had a track in the GPS, what was avoiding the stream in the gorge, and we tried it, but after 45 minutes we gave up. We didn’t find the right way, if there is any. BUT we had some good views from above the Chochlakes gorge, got scratched again in the shorts and finally we hiked 3.5km.

The gorge walk wasn’t very difficult. Juktas and me nearly all the time was walking in the water. Off course I fall in couple times on slippery rocks. Peter didn’t get wet, John (Biggles partner) just fall in once.

After one and a half hours we were at the beach of Liviko sea, at the cache area. Then we started to search for the cache. After 20 minutes I was sure the box was gone. It is my maintaince, so I decided to place a new box. Where Peter exactly tried to place the new box he found the original. We had a good laugh.

We met also an (English –Canadian) couple and  we explained them what is Geocaching. I think they will be new players.

Advice for the next cachers: before you go to the gorge see the spoiler, no telephone signal at the cache area.

The trip was a real adventure, a very nice gorge and the sea at the end. Thanks y to MarcoSpilli who placed this cache .I hope more people go for it, it is worth it.

About 4 o’clock we meet the other part of the team at Zakros . A warm coffee and we were ready to go for other caches at the area. First we had a nice little walk for Above Zakros cache, what Biggles partner found (FTF for him).

Then we give a try to go by car to Skalia. Till the last 2-3km the road was o.k. but after only RenPet cachemobile could go on the dirt road. We found the box quickly (It is started to be cold). Special thanks for Albuquerquebill for the nice caches at the area, what he placed last year with his lovely company.

The way back to Kato Zakros we placed a new cache with a fantastic view, by the road.

We had a fantastic day again.


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