Gallery and the last at the “far” East Crete

Wednesday again I woke up early, because Biggles wanted to see the sunrise. But we nearly lost it because we chatted. Anyway I couldn’t sleep much; it was very windy with huge waves.

Our apartments (Coral rooms) were just on the beach. After breakfast we visited the Minoan palace of Zakros and with my big surprise we met another cacher. I don’t find often a cacher here on Crete, especially at East part; there aren’t so many tourists . Me, Biggles and Nahe (Andreas from Germany) after a nice talk left for the Gorge of dead.

It was a nice easy walk, it wasn’t windy in the gorge and we found my cache there easy. The rest of the team was waiting for us out of the gorge and we left all together for Xerokambos.

We found Liviko view cache easy and started a discussion about Ambelos-fantasy cache. It is an interesting multi. There is a rock island close and the question in the description is: what kind of animal it is. You have 4 possibilities to answer. When I first tried to find the box walked all around the small peninsula with Juktas, and try all 4 animal shapes, but didn’t find the box. Next time with the spoiler photo (because I learned rock by rock the whole area) I found the cache.

This time we were group of 9-the English couple from yesterday was with us also- but we couldn’t decide what it is, so again do the job with the spoiler. ”

Mythos –dreaming” -an austrian friend- placed  this cache and another cache in this area,Agia Irini, there we strated to go . But after 15 minutes TRY to walk in the WIND, we had to turn back to our cars. It was too dangerous and not pleasant to continue the hike. Definitely I like to do this seaside walk for the cache. But we can’t leave a so nearby cache without finding, so we went all around with RenPet fantastic cachemobile on the dirt road. I am not recommending this way to anybody. The road is bad and cachemobile had to use all of its advanced electronics to manage it. AND after you have to climb a steep rock face too.

Till RenPet and Juktas were going for the cache, we had a hard time “only” to watching them. BUT they found it, and Juktas is still proud for herself.

The next stop was Voila multi. Big thanks to our friends Schnaffels for it and also for placing other great caches in the island. Without “tourist” cachers I don’t think we could manage to improve the geocaching in Crete. We are only 5-6 teams who are local and staying here permanently and place caches.

Later on afternoon we had a small lunch at Koutsounari village at the seaside, and left for the last cache. We had a little walk till the box on the hill above Koutsounari, with a nice view.

We had a great time a great company and great caches.

Let’s hope more caches come to this area, so we can have fun next time too.


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