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First attempt to Selena (2 gold and 2 new caches is the result)

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We like to hike at Lassithi plateau because it is not very high, not very hot ( not very far from home) and have a lot of peaks all around. This time the target was peak Selena. Located to the … Continue reading


3 gold 2 silver and 1 DNF

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                        The summer came so the charter flights started so geocaching started in-to Crete. Our caching life getting a little bit more busy. We are lucky because every year … Continue reading


More teams, more fun and more sun at the South

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Again we had some great geocaching days at the South of Heraklion mostly at the seaside and in some gorges “off course”. This time we were more teams. Exactly 6: Kreizweh, Knietutweh, Wins, RenPet, Juktas and us, Omilos. The pictures … Continue reading