3 gold 2 silver and 1 DNF


The summer came so the charter flights started so geocaching started in-to Crete. Our caching life getting a little bit more busy. We are lucky because every year tourist cachers place many nice new boxes. This time we did a tour at South of Heraklion and Rethymnon region.
First FTF at South of Psiloritis at the Gortys aqueduct. A year ago I crossed this road and stopped to see the remains of a roman aqueduct. I also thought place a cache here and I am happy that Wisamobi placed it.It was an easy find  near the road.

We got the second FTF  after half an hour drive and a little walk  with fantastic views. This was an one month old cache, but Pezoporikos now published it.Probably they forgot it. It is near Kartalos peak (there, on top I placed a cache), what is always amaze me with his beauty.

When we arrived to the parking place, we saw a rented car. Oh , we are not first, I thought. But they were “just” tourists.We found the box easy again.

We got the first SILVER at Wisamobi cache again, after an hour drive with scenic view to the Libian sea. We know this road before, we use it when we go to Agios Pavlos area.It was a nice stop and a break from driving.

Third FTF was at Preveli bridge. This is a mystery and we “studied” at home so we knew what we are looking for. We are lucky, the half Omilos is greek, so after 10 minutes he had the right coordinates.If you can’t read greek then it takes more time, I think. Jumped into the car (it wasn’t far, but it was hot) and found the box easy. I like this mystery very much.

Now the big DNF. We never did a letterbox cache before and I am happy Planet P placed this kind of cache in Crete. But we couldn’t find it. We were driving about an hour, entering private properties between Plakias and Suda. In the end we gave up and had a cold beer to cool down. We still don’t know what we did wrong.

Second SILVER, the highlight of the day!!! At The Magic bridge we had a great adventures and a good laugh. In this tour was with us our oldest daughter from Athens and her boyfriend. They were very much interested to learn Geocaching. We tried to get the box from the nearest point to the bridge, it was too difficult for us. But not for the “future” member of the game, the boyfriend of our daughter. He definitely wanted to try. So we give him the Gps and tell him the hint. After 40 minutes he came back with the box is HIS HANDS.

He didn’t got wet at all!!!We had a good laugh. He said he forgot what he have to do. Now we had to take the box back in its place. As we were waiting for him we found another dirt road which was leading in the gorge. So we tried this one.Finally it wasn’t very difficult.

After 20 minutes mostly walk in the river , we arrived to the bridge, to the Magic bridge.

On the way back we tried to figure out why that bridge is there. We talked about it and the conclusion was that they used to get the wheats to the mills and take away the flour after processing it.
We had a great adventure day again with nice caches.
On the way back we stopped at RenPet home, had some drink and coffee.We got energy for the drive back home.


2 responses to “3 gold 2 silver and 1 DNF

  1. Hi Suza.
    Congrats to the gold metals!
    kreizweh&knietutweh&wins, we also tried the letterbox and also struggled between Plakias and Souda. Maybe we have more luck next time together 🙂
    greetings, kreizweh

    • omilosandjuktas

      Hi Johannes,
      RenPet found it!!!! The owner wrote me an e-mail and he changed something in the description. Let’s see next time if we can manageto get it.

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