First attempt to Selena (2 gold and 2 new caches is the result)

We like to hike at Lassithi plateau because it is not very high, not very hot ( not very far from home) and have a lot of peaks all around.

This time the target was peak Selena. Located to the north of Oros Dikti, just across the Lasithi Plain, the Selena Mt. is a small single ridged range, with an elevation of roughly 1500m.Here is the path on Everytrail .

We didn’t start early; we thought it will be an easy hike. First we wanted to search for a disable cache –Hike over Nissimos-which was placed at the wrong coordinates or was published at the wrong coordinates. Anyway! We tried to get there at the winter without spoiler, but nothing…

Now we were armed with Everytrail,  Google Earth and spoiler photos (and GPS). This was a real treasure hunt.

We found it quite easily. We logged it fast because the wind started to blow.

Here in Crete it can be a real problem -danger- hiking in the big wind. Especially if it is a South wind. It doesn’t blow evenly, sometime ther were big gusts.

Unfortunately this happened with us at the legs of Selena so we had to call off the hike. Then we had a picnic under a Holm Oak (Quercus ilex) and placed a cache nearby. We wish to the next geocacher good luck with the weather and if he want to place a cache at the Selena peak we will be very happy to have the maintainance.

After getting back to the car went to see the South ridge of Selena. The last 2, 5 km till Agios Panteleimonas church was a really bumpy dirt road, but we made it with our “normal “car. On the ridge we found 3 old windmills and a fantastic view. So the box was out from the backpack. To find a place for hiding it isn’t difficult in Crete. Rocks everywhere!!!!!

A quick hide at the stormy wind. A quick find by Renpet at the next day, congratulation for it.
On the way back after some coffee at Neapolis we couldn’t resist to find a nearby cache by Pezoporikos. We were surprised how good condition is the “kalderimi” –stonepath-  what leading to the box. In the future we like to walk the whole path, maybe with other cachers with two cars.

We had a nice, pleasant day with nice views and boxes. Mt Selena we will try soon.
Mt Dikti the highest peak at Lassithi region is still under snow, that cache we can try only at June.


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