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Finishing the hot summer, we are having less work, so we have more time for looking for boxes in the bushes.

We had some interesting adventure also in summer, but that I will write later. Like Kirrimianou815.

Now I just write the last days in Akrotiri area in Chania region and the way back home with a short stop near Argiropoulis and Vederon gorge.

The first find we got at Chania airport, what was easy and fast. We put a new logbook in the box and left for Katholiko gorge.

This is beautiful area with 3 monastery’s on the way. First is Agia Triada monastery, on the road there is a cache too, after at the beginning of the trail is Monastery Gouverneto and at the middle is the deserted Katholiko monastery, there is another box there.

And now there is a NEW cache at the end of the gorge .I loves this walk. It is a stone made footpath till the last monastery ruins. After is also easy but you have to find the way to go under the bridge, what is tricky a little bit.(Go about 50 meter to the opposite side and then down to the gorge.) At the start we met Wind&Water at the car park. The weather, especially the strong wind at the South and the high mountains changed their plan too.(We also had a plan to go for hiking, but…) After a little chat about caching plans we walked ahead. In one hour we hold the box and we made some fantastic pictures, no swimming this time.

We, met again W&W, and gave us the coordinates for a new cache at Bear Cave; it is between the last two monasteries. On the way back we had an interesting “short cut”, what George didn’t like at all. So if you like to climb on four, follow the red rhombus dots before you get to Katholiko monastery, on the left.

 We found the new cache, but just checked it, no FTF because it was not published yet.

In The car park we had a date with The Cretan Runners and left together for other caches at the area. In Stavros the Wolf cache was clever, but George has a good eye to finding special boxes.

The next stop at Kalathas, where is 2 caches in close distance. First climbing and after swimming AND climbing.  The climbing was fast. George our “Hero” allready had the box in hands till we 3 “ladies” was strugggling to the way up. BUT after it was our turn. As George went for a couple of beer we got armed (GPS in plastic bag and in lock-lock box, sea shoes (I didn’t have)) and jumped in to the rough see. For this box we had to swim 200 meters and get in the small island and find it. From far it looks easy but when we arrived we didn’t know how to come out from the water because off the sharp rocks. The next cacher is better to bring gloves too. After 20 minutes we had a big smile to hold in our hand the little plastic box. It was not really a 5 star terrains but we had a hard time and we are very proud and happy for ourselves. Our reward was a nice meal and beers at the beach tavern. It was our second time to meet Cretan Runners and we enjoyed their company very much. I think at the future we will have good time together. They also like our E4 project (about this at the next blog).

It was getting late and other we had 2 caches more on the list. First Max, what again Gorge got it in a second, then Venizelos grave. Here without spoiler we couldn’t find the box. It is 50 meter off!! But with Cretan Runners Ipod help within 5 minutes we got it. ( 5 minutes because she had to go back to the car to get it)

We had a pleasant and colorful Sunday caching.

The next day we planned to do some maintance and to be FTF at Skotini cave cache.

First stop was at Samonas olive tree, what I like and I was afraid what is waiting for me to see. Cretan runners wrote in the logs “A big olive tree has been cut done and now litters the site of this cache.” Probably the tree had some virus and this is the way to help it. The cache was O.K., so we left for another site at the same area.

Agios Mamas chapel cache was not so lucky, because the chapel site and the road are reconstructed. We placed a new box and we hope it will survive the constructions.

Then a coffee and going for the cave. I just copy what George wrote in the log:

We have visited most of the caches in Crete and we think it is one of the best. A short walk in the woods, amazing rock formation, a cave with water and a church with such a history. This is what geocaching should be.

The last action was a sad visit to Vederon gorge. Jorunn the owner of this cache (Jurosol) this summer past away. We have a small cachers community in Crete we mostly know each other. We all of us decided to look after her caches, this is a nice memory.We placed a new box, because the original got destroyed, and remember her.

These were two great days of hiking and finding caches at west Crete and the combination of caches was great. We found clever caches, caches you had to hike or climb, with history and with difficult terrain too.


One response to “Back to geocaching and blogging

  1. WOW! I love this blog and the places described.
    I’ve been to the Katholiko, saw the “bear cave” and I really enjoyed theses places.
    Thanks for stopping in my blog and let me know about “geocaches”.
    I look forward to visit Crete again. I’m sure we’ll discover a lot of new places!
    Thanks a lot I will follow you!

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