E4 Cretan Trail Caches


Most of our members in our small Cretan cachers community like to walk, hike in the mountains, gorges and deserted beaches.

I always was looking for new trails, what isn’t too difficult to walk on. Like most of Europe we have the E4 trail, which pass by beautiful places, but it isn’t well marked. So I got the idea, why we don’t place caches on the way.

I talked with other cacher friend and they are interested too. We decided to place every 2-2,5km a box, close to an interested place. This is not a Power trail, but I believe it will be possible to find many caches.

The E4 on Crete have alpine fork and seaside part. At first I like if we can place boxes at the line what I was chosen, so let’s hope in a few years time we can connect the East with the West.

My version at Chania region will go on the coastline, at  Rethimno area at the mountain. I had to cut the forks, but all the 3 high peak are in . Pachnes  2453m at White mountain  ,Timeos Stavros 2456m  at Psiloritis , and Spathi 2148m at Dikti mountain. The E4 mostly goes on dirt road and less on difficult path. Have variety, so everybody can decide the best for caching scale. The boxes will be traditional caches, the style of Crete (under rocks).

I like to invite also “tourist” cachers to join the “PROJECT”, to place caches on the trail. There are some maps and sites where everybody can check the trail how it goes and of course can contact me for more information.  We can give also ready boxes, and we can do maintains together with the other 3 Cretan teams.

At every region there will be a Bonus cache too.

Chania cost line and Pachnes is about 150km.

Rethimno north fork and Timeos Stavros is about 150km.

Heraklion area is about 85km, the most is on roads.

Lassithi region with Spathi peak is about 130km.

So we have a lot of fun and walk and place many caches in the island.

We have in Crete about 530 live caches and from these about 50 traditional are on the trail all ready. I will write the owners and if they like they can change the titles and join the trail project. (Just put next the title E4 CTC), Like our new cache Agia Anna E4 CTC.

Here is some sites:  


One response to “E4 Cretan Trail Caches

  1. Too bad we don’t have this path at Lesvos! Good and interesting project , maybe we can add some caches on the rest of Greece, and keep the same name extension. Do you know if any such path exists on my Island ?

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