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The most memorable finds at 2012

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part 1 The winner is this year Kirrimianou – 815 m. by Heidels05. In the last days of August was not a “really” hot day. We decided to try to get a cache with 4.5 terrain difficulty. We went Omilos … Continue reading


Juktas and Omilos at the top of Crete

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Last Sunday we got up early and drove to the legs of Psiloritis Mountain. Livadia is the last village to have an asphalt road till …refuge. Fortunately RenPet have a cache at the beginning of the trail, so it is … Continue reading


A fantastic day with RenPet at Asterusia Mountain

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Our target today was Kofinas multicache, and the end of the day we had 1 FTF and 2 new caches be placed at Asterousia mt. Asterousia mountain range runs parallel to the southern coast of Heraklion and creates a physical … Continue reading