A fantastic day with RenPet at Asterusia Mountain

Our target today was Kofinas multicache, and the end of the day we had 1 FTF and 2 new caches be placed at Asterousia mt.

Asterousia mountain range runs parallel to the southern coast of Heraklion and creates a physical barrier between the coast and the valley of Messara. East goes from Maridaki village (Agias Nikitas) till the West Matala village. Kofinas peak is the highest with 1231m. On top of it stands Timeos Stavros church. (In 3 days it is the second Timeos Stavros church on top of high sacred mountains for me. 2 days ago I hiked up the top of Psiloritis with “ Juktas” my daughter.)

At Kofinas have an interesting worship? On top there are 3 “apple” trees (Sorbus umbellate). The tiny “apples” were gathered by the faithful people and put them in water overnight and the next day were blessed by the priest with a cross and share to eat them for their healing properties.

Unfortunately don’t have many caches in this area. Only some are at the coast line.

We drove with RenPet super cachemobile till Kapetaniana (west of Kofinas) on asphalt road.

The weather was not looking too good but we kept going. From Kapetaniana there is a good dirt road (5km) till the first waypoint. On the way we got some rain too.

We stopped near an old church where I placed a new cache. This place has a very important historical fact. In this area it was organized a philosophic school by Josef Filagris, a priest at the 14century during the beginning of the Venetian occupation.

Then the rain stopped and as we arrived to the legs of Kofinas the Sun came out. This cache is a multi so we got the first number and then we started to climb to the top very excited.

After half an hour we were at the top next to Timeos Stavros church and started to look for the “bronze inscription” which was next stage of the multi. Then we understood that we made a huge mistake!!! The bronze with the letters for the final coordinates isn’t this church. It is below 200m closed to the starting point, Chapel Kera.  So now what to do. At first we checked our phone signal and on the top they were working. But before I started to go down I had a better idea. Try with math’s and luck to find the number and the cache. It was “only 9 possibilities. And with the first try I was lucky and with the help of spoiler photo I got the cache in a minute.

I am still very happy. Because it is my second try to climb this “rock”-last year at the last meters turned back-and I got the FTF.

We logged and quickly started to climb down before the clouds are coming again. To go down is not as difficult as we thought, but we had to focus on the path well. It is really high and the path goes just on the edge (sometimes). After the safe comedown we left for Kudumas Monastery.

It was a long but good dirt road. In 30 minutes we arrived at the sunny south, next to the Libyan Sea. After visited the beautiful, well organized monastery, we headed for a little walk till Avvakospileo. It is a church in a cave. Then RenPet placed a new cache there.

For me it was the second time to visit the Monastery Kudumas and the area- the first was more than 10 years ago- and I love this magic place.

Renate and Peter had the same filing, so we decided to come back at the winter time and discover the paths, hidden beaches and sleep at the monastery rooms. There are about 15 rooms and anybody can stay in. I can’t wait for that.

Late afternoon we came back to Heraklion where the rain didn’t stopped till the morning.

We had a great day!!!


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