Juktas and Omilos at the top of Crete

Last Sunday we got up early and drove to the legs of Psiloritis Mountain. Livadia is the last village to have an asphalt road till …refuge. Fortunately RenPet have a cache at the beginning of the trail, so it is easy to find your way with the GPS.

Juktas had this dream a long time now. She was ready and exited.

We started at 1550m and after 3hours we reached the top. It was hard, especially the first 3km.

It is very steep, but it is well made path with stones. Unfortunately when we arrived at the top the clouds covered us and we didn’t have a nice view. Juktas found the cache box easy, she logged and we made some photos. We had a picnic and a little chat with other hikers.

We had a very interesting conversation with a German hiking books writer, Rolf Goetz. He has already written a book about hiking in Crete and now he try to make it richer with more hikes. In German language we can find many books for walking or hiking. Not many in Greeks.

Then we started to hike down. The E4 part till the crossroad was easy pleasant walking. Here I placed a new box for the E4 trail at 2240m.

The path, what is only 3km, was a nightmare. It took us 2 and half hours. It is steep and sleeper because of the small stones on the path. I try not to come down again this way!!!

Near the parking place we went looking for RenPet cache view to Timeos Stavros. I was wondering why the name is like that, from the starting point of the path we couldn’t see the top. Then when I checked my GPS I understood. He put the cache on the middle of a hill, so we have better view to the mountain. O climbing again! Juktas still had energy, so she did the climb and logged for both of us. (I was closed)

On the way home we stopped the beach and played and rested.

We had an unforgettable day together on the mountains.


One response to “Juktas and Omilos at the top of Crete

  1. Splendid :o) Bravo to you both. and greetings from Paris

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