The most memorable finds at 2012

part 1

The winner is this year Kirrimianou – 815 m. by Heidels05.

In the last days of August was not a “really” hot day. We decided to try to get a cache with 4.5 terrain difficulty.

We went Omilos and  Kreizweh halfs, till the other half’s of our teams were resting next to a swimming pool near Preveli at a posh apartment.

The photos will be enough to tell the story.

We left this lovely apartment for a Cache! But what a cache!!!

We are fresh at the beginning. At the back is the TARGET.

Can’t be only that hill!

It isn’t easy. But the view is amazing. We are “only”720m, still need 100m climb up.

Down there is Plakias.

We are not playing “hide and seek”, just climbing on four to be sure, we stay alive. (Message is coming, at home they are out of beers and we can bring some the way back.)


Looking for next cache places. Coming soon!

Try to find easier way to come down, BUT not this way.

We founded

The last part was a “piece of cake”.

Our tired “bleeding” feet.

Kirrimianou from the west; from Kotsifou gorge. It is beautiful. And we made it.







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