E4 trail caches with churches

Today morning I got an e-mail, a new cache was published at the area. And yesterday also another new box was placed. Wow, this isn’t happening, I can’t believe it!

As I had a day off today, so no swimming in the morning but Caching. To find the way to Christos – Sgourokefali cache wasn’t easy, but for a FTF you have to sweat a little bit (at least in the car).

It is a nice little church, with a view, and a really easy find. I hope the box will stay there for a long time.

After logging the first page!! I started to drive to the Monastery Agarathou, what is on the E4 trail.

A few months ago when I was thinking about the caches on the E4 trail, I was   surprised by the round what the trail makes in that area. From the main road the trail going up making an little round and coming back to the same road. Today I understood why. The Monastery is beautiful, well looked after, and very rich. They named the Monastery of a plant, Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa),

what is in Cretan dialect agarathou. According to the tradition, below such a plant a monk found once the icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and he later built the church of Panagia on the same site. In front of the church you will see a pomegranate tree with a candle near its trunk. The pomegranate is said to be the initial plant of agarathia, which was turned miraculously to a tree. I am not a religious person, but I liked the peace and the garden. Unfortunately the main church was closed, workers were doing some renovation, so I couldn’t visit it, and definitely I will go back with my family there again. Because there were workers everywhere it was hard to find a good hiding place. In the end I placed the box at the opposite side, near a cemetery for the high priests.

Just living the hiding place I sow an E4 sign. I was very surprised. On the way I found a few more.

About 2km from the Monastery I saw another nice church the Agios Kosmas Aitolos. Here also workers together with the monk were building something, but the church was open and I could visit. After I found a nice little place for my box .It isn’t a usual OMILOS hide, so good luck for everybody.

I enjoyed my day out and had a thought to drive around the area, especially where the E4 trail goes. So after Agios Kosmas I drove until the main road and then I headed east. The first village is Apostoli, where I saw some interesting places- for placing caches also another time.

Then after a few kilometers I “had” to stop at a 14 century old church. I “had” to hide a film canister too. Crete has so many old churches which are waiting to be renovated. Why we don’t have money for these things?

After founding 1 cache and hiding 3, quickly I drove home to cook for my daughter –Juktas-who was coming home from school.

Today is sunny and cloudy together, still warm, so at the afternoon I swam in the sea too.

It was a great day!!!


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