Talaia Ori and big thanks’ to W&W

Today we were out for caching again. Two days in row!! The weather was autumn a little bit cloudy,a little bit sunny and a little bit warm. The male part of OMILOS (George) was also interested to come out, walk and find a box. We didn’t plan anything –bad for me, I like to plan-only to get W&W new box at Vosakos area.

Yesterday I tried to persuade RenPet to make a competition for the FTF, but they had to go to the Market in Rethimno. It could be fun to start from our homes at the same time- they are living about at the same distance to the west-and to see who is getting there, first to find the box.


Like this we had the usual long coffee time at the morning and left after 9.We know the area, so we found the cache fast and easy. George didn’t have time to look the spoiler picture-as he does always-I already saw the hiding place. The box was stuck at the hole but after a few minutes we managed to write FTF in the logbook.

Geocaching is a game when you try to find a box with the help of a GPS or a SPOILER photo??!!

George is better with photo, he can find lost things also, but this is another story in another post.

So what is next? I am ready to discover. Last weeks I saw a walking group site, they were in this area and they were visiting Mugri cave. Unfortunately they didn’t put on any site the GPX route so we were guessing of the location. In my GPS I found the name but not how to get there. No challenge for today. I will study Google Earth and write an e-mail to that group so soon a cache will appear there by Omilos.

Till George was going “fast forward” on the dirt road, I made photos of stones and rocks. I am interested about Geology, and time to time I am reading about it.

Talaia Ori is a part of the Psiloritis Natural Park-not many people knows this-. 2 years ago I tried to make an Earth cache, but it was too difficult the write the description part so I gave up. I didn’t give up due to put caches at interesting geodiversity, just I do it with traditional boxes and I write in the description about the formations. They are Mygias trail at Psiloritis mt. and Geotrail at Talaia Ori.

Anyway we had a nice walk around the dirt roads and we didn’t realized how fast the time goes by. On the way back we saw the 3 huge pine trees, they are about 15-20m high. I got the brilliant idea why we don’t place a «tree climbing cache» there?!  I will check this out, and also find the right person to do it.

On the way back we maintained the Vosakos fold cache with a new logbook and drove home through Melidoni making a nice round.


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