Holiday season -30.december in Elefterna area

Holiday season -30.december in Elegtherna

First of all I had a fantastic time at Christmas and New Year holidays, with a lot of caching, an Event and great time with friends.


On the Event we organized a little walk in Eleftherna area. All the hills around Ancient Eleftherna are archeological sites. So this walk was good for Dani (Bill daughter, who is teaching classical culture) too. Here Bill has a cache, Hellenistic bridge. Now I also have one. The name of the new cache is Byzantine Tower. Mostly we walked on the E4, so I put letters on the boxes for the E4 bonus cache.


We started our day at Arkadi, we wanted to change the cache area there. The cache was adopted by Jurosol, she passed away last summer. We knew her and together with W&W and RenPet we decided to look after her caches. At Arkadi monastery we found 2  boxes. Cretan runners suggested a good new hiding place. So the box is waiting to be found.



After we drove to Ancient Eleftherna and started our walk to Bill’s cache. The area is worth to visit even if somebody is not caching. Everywhere there are archeological sites. At the first one I placed a new box. FTF is on the air. Juktas AlbouquerqueBill and Cretan runners logged it at the second page.

Arkadi Elefterna


I was much excited about the area, I been just once here when I found Hellenistic bridge cache but I came from another way. George was so kind again and waited for us at the other end of the path with the car.Pick up the other driver and go back for the other car.




The weather started to change. A big storm was on the way from Mount Ida and we were lucky to see a double rainbow. It was fantastic. Soon we arrived at the ancient tree of Tripodo just before the rain start to get strong.



After we had a fast finds of Renpet cache near Margarites we had a short walk in the village. Unfortunately nearly all the pottery studios were closed. This village is famous about pottery works. In this area have a kind of clay which is water resistant without baking.

Arkadi Elefterna1

After a nice meal we still had to find Margarites monastery, we made it as a night cache. It is near the entrance of the monastery; I have been there and is it very nice with a lot of birds.


In the dark we arrived at RenPet house –what is not far-for a short break and hot coffee.

Again we had a great day.


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  1. Great pictures and stories, Susana ! I forwarded your links to Dani. Kisses, Bill

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