Holiday season Christmas day

First of all I had A fantastic time at Christmas and New Year holidays, with a lot of caching, an Event and great time with friends.


We started at December 25 in the morning with Juktas and RenPet for a little caching tour before Christmas launch at Heraklion area. The weather was sunny. We had a pleasant walk till Astrakiano gorge cache.


I have a new Gps (present) and we didn’t find the best parking place as usual. Never mind, it was good a little extra exercise after the “light” Christmas Eve dinner in Hungarian style.

This gorge is really surprising. How nice is the nature in winter at Crete. The gorge is very close to Heraklion but a lot of people don’t know it. Now there are 4 caches in the gorge area, 2 of the on the E4 trail. The E4 trail bonus cache is almost getting ready. Every box on the trail will have a letter on it; this will make out a famous Cretan person name. So start to collect! I hope many people will enjoy the walk around.



Then we set of for Eilithias cave. It is a small but important cave near Amnissos. The cache was easy found by Ren, it was her second find and Juktas started to be disappointed. She likes to be first. The next was Amnissos palace cache nearby. You could see how Juktas run for this to the top of the hill but….no luck today for her in this morning.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Getting back home quickly for the lunch.

After a little rest one more cache for the afternoon. In Kokkini Hani there is a new box, again near an archeological place.


Finally Juktas got the box first. Later we had a nice sunset walk at the beach.

At the evening with some glace of wine we played Monopoly and we laughed a lot.


The trail for the gorge can be download it from here. Everytrail


One response to “Holiday season Christmas day

  1. The weather looks stunning, most of my Christmas geocaching in the UK was done in the pouring rain!

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