Holiday season- Event at Bali

First of all I had A fantastic time at Christmas and New Year holidays, with a lot of caching, an Event and great time with friends.


This day we had different plans. It was not easy to organize it but I managed. I and Bill went out for caching, Juktas went for swimming training, Dani left for Knossos and George (half Omilos) was playing the taxi driver. In the end everything turns out good and we arrived at 3 o’clock at Bali for our Event.


Bill and Me started at Hainospilia, what I like very much and for my big surprise was no water in the cave and we could go in easy and admire the stalagmites and stalactites. Bill found the box easy and we started to drive to Sculpture for nature cache. To find the road wasn’t easy, the box was. Mostly in Crete it is hard to find the roads even if you have a good GPS and good map. You never know how the dirt road conditions are.


After we met at the beginning of Geotrail with Cretan runners –of course we were late- and started the hike to Geotrail caches. We had to be fast a little bit because we had a meeting time with the rest of the company. After we found all 3 caches we just got there on time. We had a great time chatting, laughing and telling geocaching stories.


After collecting the cars we drove all together to Vosakos monastery. On the way we got another cache too near a Mitato (sheperd hut). After a quick find we visited Moni Vosaku. This is a very beautiful, nicely renovated monastery with a lot of flowers and impressif forest around.



The final stop was near Bali , Dimitris tavern for the Christmas Event. On the way Bill found a puzzle cache of W&W on my favorite road. This is from Sisses to Aloides. The best colored rocks in the island.



Bill Katica

Before we set a nice suprise was waiting for us. A new cache placed by the taverna. So everybody run out to log it. Thank you RenPet for this great idea.


The Event was small and very nice. We are not many in the island so it was nice to meet foreigners also??? My first time at this tavern and it is really good. The food was excellent and in good prices.




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