Second day out for caching with the girls (The Cretan Runners)

After the morning coffee we left the house to find the “famous “cache of Cretan Runners. Exopoli heights it is. Sue and Jules showed me the place where they got lost in the dark a few weeks ago. I felt really sorry for them when I saw the terrain with Cretan bushes and rocks. At night it can be very scary this place.


This time we had a nice walk till the top where the box is hidden. I found it easy. Took some pictures and we headed to Black Madonna cache.


I was very curious about this. Still don’t know why she is black on the icon. The walk till the church was beautiful in the forest. In Apokorona peninsula you can find surprising places. I am glad because The Cretan Runners got in the game fully and they have place fantastic caches in this area. I found black Madonna box with a little help and we started to walk back to the car when I saw a nice dirt road to make a bigger circle walk. But –because the yesterday’s short cut-they didn’t like the idea.


We drove for a coffee to Almirida what was a great thought. It was warm, sunny and good company.


From there we went to Sea cave cache. It is interesting especially for me who have as a hobby geology and paleontology; I am reading much about it. You just have to see the pictures to understand why this place is so special.


Then we left for a nearby cove where another cache was waiting for me with the mysterious name Smuggler Cove. First we went for the box and after Jules showed me this nice interesting rock and the stalagmite formations.


Then we went for a swim. Sue had a little panic from the cold water but Jules and I really enjoyed it. The water here is a little bit warmer than at Heraklion area. Later we had a picnic at the beach with homemade sandwiches.


The last of the day was a must. A cache at Asi Gonia village near the mountains with the name Cretan Runner. This is a cache dedicated to George Psychoundakis – the Cretan Runner – that was a major figure in the Cretan Resistance during WW2. To reach the cache we traveled a superb scenic road through the Gipari gorge which follows the path of the river.

We should find here a good place for another cache.

It started to become cloudy and windy when we arrived at Giorgiopuli to place a new cache. The Cretan Runners found a Secret War Tunnel, this will be the name for the cache too.I was very excited to see this scary place. I think cachers will love it.


In the rain nearly dark we finished our second day together. I had a very good time.


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