Juktas was fast, she won 3:1

Now I am sitting in the warm car, listening fabulous classical music mixed with sounds of the sea waves.  Out is sunny but “chili” because is windy. I am just after caching -4 finds at East Crete- and I am feeling really good. O, nearly I forgot I got a hot coffee too.


The last few days the weather was miserable. Once it was raining, after sunny, after windy, and all this changed quickly.  So I was mostly inside, didn’t risk walking, geocaching.

But today Katerina (Juktas) my daughter had no school, so we were brave enough to try our luck with the weather. 4 new caches had been published at the last days; it is a big stimulation, especially for Juktas. And today she beat me 3:1 FTF.

From the beginning



First cache: Agios Panteleimonas near Kastelli. The box was an easy find in a fantastic place. Unfortunately the church was closed, so we will come back at summer. Next to the byzantine church is a “Paradise” tavern that also I like to visit.


I like to see and try these remote taverns. Many times a big surprise is waiting for me. I still remember a tavern at Thripti (near Ha gorge) where was only green beans in tomatoes sauce and some meat on the grill. So we ordered it. Juktas never liked before this dish but there she had eaten the whole plate and she wanted more. She explained why. It isn’t the same like mine. I cook the same way, but the ingredients are from the tavern garden not from the market. I am cooking now 17 years at a tavern and I can understand.


Second cache: Seli ambelou at the gate of Lassithi plateau. It is a great spot, but maybe better to come in good weather. We had 4 degrees Celsius and what we felt was like 2 because of the strong wind from the North’s.  Juktas very-very fast found the box, till I was searching at the wrong mill.


Quick logging before Juktas fingers drop off.  Some photos and run to the car. It is unbelievable; we are still in the same island?




Third cache: Moni Vidiani. We knew this nice peaceful monastery so we skipped the visit this time. Till I got out from the car Juktas was holding the little box. Ok, I have some arthritis, but… She signed for both of us and we drove a little bit to the South on the E4 path. There are signs, so next time in better weather I will place some new boxes for the trail.


Extra stop: Cretan mammals-bird cache of Haaner. We had a quick stop for Juktas to climb a tree for a special box. After a short time she managed to reach it but she couldn’t open the container, so she couldn’t write a log. What a pity;she is not a tree climber.


Fourth cache: Agios Georgios Vrachasi. I studied the cache owner FSarakin Everytrail trip and I like it but today we were running out of time. We selected the drive on a dirt road. There are so many of them. We were lucky to find the right one. Except my car; it looks like a 4×4 after mad safari tour but we didn’t have real problem. BUT this church is also was closed. Same story; Juktas run for the box, find it, signed it.

Than we tried another “shortcut” dirt road the way back but we had to turn. Juktas really didn’t want to push the car out of the mad.


Last action: change the broken box at Selinari cache. In the end we changed the hiding place too.

Thank you Wind & Water and FSarakin for these nice caches.

We also made a few photos for the next project.    Cretan Geocoin.






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