Cretan geocoins

Last December when I visited Hungary, I got across with this new type of geocoin.

I liked it very much. The past months I figured out –with some information from Hungarian geocachers-how it was made.


Have to know, a long time I wanted to make a coin of Crete, but it was quite expensive.  Especially these times in our home we don’t have extra money for hobbies.

Anyway, sometimes the “crisis” brings new ideas.

I made a few experiment with epoxy resin. It is not easy to use but it is chip and I have plenty of time to try it out.

epoxy first works

Now I am looking for nice photos from Crete. This is more boring and tiring than I thought.

The other technical problem was the paper types what I supposed to use under epoxy resin. So, I am trying many new things.

It is fun and I hope in the end to have some nice products out of the efforts.

If somebody has some idea for help I am pleased to listen to it.

Extra note:  The last walks and new caches are on the E4 trail. I open for these articles a new page with the name E4 trail caches.

So if you are interested just open the blog from time to time and check this page for new information’s. Unfortunately the free Word Press com don’t send any mail for followers if the article is in a page, not in the post.


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