Sites, applications what I like and I CAN use

Now especially in winter time in Crete I can’t really plan to go out for caching, walking. The weather is not so bad and not so cold but many times it is unpredictable. In rainy days for a little comfort it’s nice to play with sites and applications about geocaching.

I pod new version

Today I got an idea. I downloaded the new version of Geocaching application for I pod and for the FIRST time I love it. Till now it wasn’t easy to use; when I had to download photos I had to save these for off line use or to open these and then these are saved. But now it is worth its money (10$), what is not a few for an application. The best is I can change the searching point and save all the caches with or without photo. I can even choose which kind of map I like to use. I can choose from the list how I want these to appear, distance or favorite points. It is great and useful. The only problem is that I never know if I downloaded all of these. I have to do it all over again.

The other very interesting and unique site is Cacheye.

cacheye Crete

Not because it is free or because my good friend Kreizweh made it but because is easy and very helpful. Specially planning, organizing trips for caching and walking, driving.

Here is a blog of Cass about Cacheye and how good it is. Only this article is a little bit old (2010).  Now Cacheye can do more and easier. I copied this part from Geocass blog and corrected at a few point, with new features.

  • Upload Pocket Queries if you are Premium member at Geocaching straight with a click.
  • (Upload PQ’s straight from the zip file you download from and view these on the map.)
  • Create filters to adjust which terrain/difficulty of caches are shown
  • Modify which cache types are shown
  • Choose to display caches and/or waypoints
  • Filter found, not found, and those which you have used GSAK to correct the coordinates on. If the Information comes from GSAK it can’t be changed in CACH’EYE. GPX, LOC and PQ data can be corrected in CACH’EYE
  • Filter using GCVote ratings. (This feature also now works without running the GSAK GCVote macro on the site). There is an option “GCVote Settings” located in the “Preferences” menu. Enabling this gathers the GCVotes on application startup. But it is disabled by default because it makes only sense to use it, if someone wants to use GCVotes for filtering.)
  • Measure distances between caches by clicking on the map to draw a route.
  • Log your caches by clicking each one
  • View cache details by clicking it
  • Create, store and print lots of to do lists of caches you plan to do on a trip. I like this a lot.
  • Set a default view, or add different coordinates to create different views to switch to on the maps.
  • Owner filters option. It is very useful; I have a lot of cache in the island.
  • You can choose between 16 maps
  • Limit now for caches had increased at 12000. For me is more than enough.
  • And the best thing is that you can see the waypoints for the caches if you want. So I can estimate the time till the box too.

If you like to know more about how to use Cacheye, read the whole article on her blog.

The third site is about mapping the


Often I drove routes on Goggle Earth and I use this site to generate code so others can download them. It is easy, fast and free. Even I can draw in this site too but simple I like to do it better on Google Earth. There later I can correct these easy.

Cachers can download the trip in different format KML or GPX. It can be transferred to GPS straight.


Off course my first and best site for uploading and downloading track for walking is Everytrail. Even if I don’t publish the trip (I like I can choose to be private) it is a good archive file for later use. This time when I want to place together the European 4 walking trail caches in Crete this site is a big help.


One response to “Sites, applications what I like and I CAN use

  1. Very interesting and usefull all these. I like in my free time looking maps and imagine my next outdoor walking. I want time to look all these you send me and see here because i am not so good in my English language and with computer.But winder lasts and I will do thinks in home.

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