Maintenance of the Heraklion wall caches

Yesterday AGAIN we had a fantastic warm-22C- day with a lot of sunshine. I HAD to go out. I went for bicycle ride on the wall of Heraklion.

Last year before the “First Omilos event” I placed 6 caches on the city wall. We had a great competition for that. But most of the boxes got lost. Now it was a good opportunity to maintain them.


The wall is 16th-17th century unique contraction in Europe, made by Venetian Candia. The shape is triangular with its base at the sea and about 5, 5 km long. Today we can walk on it about 4km.The city Walls have seven heart shaped bastions (forts) and four impressive city gates (portals). Nearly all of them got a cache.


Heraklion walls were first strengthened and then rebuilt on their present site from 1462, when work began to enclose the entire rapidly expanding city. This work would take over one hundred years to complete, including the fortress of Koules, then known as Rocca del Mare, the harbor with its arsenals and the superb architecture that can be seen in town today. Heraklion walls were to prove their strength in the most dramatic way. Besieged on all sides by Ottoman Turkish forces, the city finally fell after 22 years of warfare in 1669.


The last years the municipality of Heraklion is doing a great job to take care of this important monument of the city. Every year they are repairing, cleaning-the geocache boxes too-the area of the wall.


Last year only 1 box was surviving. This time I found better and more difficult hiding places. When you visit here, please try to put all of them back as you found it.

Unfortunately here in Crete not many people know about the game and when they found the boxes they just clean the place out.


I spend a few hours yesterday on the wall. Some time I had to wait for people to pass with their dogs, bicycle or just walking away from the cache spot. I made many photos, to hide my “work”, I enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun.




Here are growing a lot of nice flower, herbs. This year they planted even more.

Our caches in Heraklion are waiting for visitors.

maintance wall (Αντιγραφή)


The caches on or near the wall are: Bastion of St.Andreas

Bastion of Pantocratora


Bastion of Bethlehem

   The middle of the gate

Nikos Kazantzakis

 Bastion of Jesus


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