My thought about how to give away the geocoins

First of all I don’t like the “hard way” of capitalism. It isn’t human.

  • I run away from a “communist” country WHEN started to change at 1989. When I understood that The BIG communists will be the first “capitalist” and for the money they would sell the democracy too. I was a fighter, believer for the freedom in my young age in Budapest. After long nights talking with friends how we will change the world, I land up in Crete in a paradise. I found my peace, not having involved my thought of politics just try to survived and find other thing to be interested, believe.

I love this island, the people, how they are thinking about life and how simple they are. And still with this “crisis” story. We will manage it, especially here in Crete.
Geocaching is a big help for me. To go out to the mountains, beaches looking for new places to hide caches or finding them. Of course usually I leave a box here and there. I like the way the caches take people to fantastic places, explain history…We have so many to show!
That’s why from long time I wanted to make a geocoin; to show the beauty of Crete.
The Cretan geocoins NOW are ready and waiting for theirs adventures on the World!!!
Now with my background I don’t want to sell them. But don’t worry I don’t keep them neither.
So the exchange is like this: if somebody likes to get a Beautiful Crete Geocoin he can give as much money as he wants to our account and I will send him the coin which he choose from our list.
About the coins: they are photos of Crete on 5x3cm dog tags under Epoxy resin with 10cm ball chain.  Of course every place has a cache too. If you like, visit them too. The coins are trackable at Geocaching com.
So if you want a coin send by PayPal as much money as you wish, give your name, address and the name of the coin which one you like.

coin ready 15 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready1 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready13 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready7 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready12 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready2 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready11 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready4 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready6 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready10 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready9 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready5 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready (Αντιγραφή) coin ready3 (Αντιγραφή) coin ready8 (Αντιγραφή)


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