The last months unfortunately I don’t have much time for geocaching. I am busy to open a delicatessen in Archanes village. But today Juktas and Me “had” to go to the beach and write a little Blog.IMG_0587

As I wrote in my last post I am not a fun of capitalism, but …I got a nice opportunity to open a small store with a friend. It will have special Cretan and Greek product and we will cook some delicious small dishes too. A new blog was born too.

I am still finding time for geocaching of course but a little bit less.


I am starting to get e-mails from visitor cachers, means the tourist season started all ready it is great.

If somebody likes to place new caches in Crete I am always happy to be the maintainer. Especially people who like walking, hiking can help us with the E4 CTC project. The walk on the trail is much easier at spring and summer time. (When I haven’t got the time for it.)

So please contact me before start hiking. I am happy to give you ready small boxes too.


Last Sunday RenPet, Juktas and Me left in the morning for geocaching. First we went at a plateau (GIUS KAMPOS) to find the famous wild tulips and some orchids too.


This is second time when we looking for the flowers. 3 weeks ago they weren’t opened yet. This time we got better luck. The weather when we started the drive was warm but very windy. Later on high elevation (tulips cache is about 700m) we had only 13 Celsius. This is the Cretan spring.



Today I am writing this post on the beach after a refreshing swim in the sea. Juktas didn’t want to come with me in the water. She prefers to read and get sunbathed.

Back to the Sunday. After we made a few hundreds pictures of flowers we drove through a gorge. I left a cache there. Then we started to drive to Elefterna for a new cache, but on small, different roads. On the way close to Gerakari I saw a sign of a monument olive tree.


Ouups; we turned the car in a minute and started the searching for the tree. The organization that look after this trees doing really good job. (Just yesterday I read in the news will be more 6 new monumental olive trees listed). After a little drive on a good dirt road we found the tree. New box out from the car and the new cache is ready.


After a short time we arrived to Elefterna and walked a little for the cache, what Juktas found easy. On the path we met one of the Heraklion walking groups with a lot of members. The last years more and more people walking at the mountain, gorges, and beaches. I like that, only the groups are too big and Greeks are very loud people. I hope the next years more books and trails will be published, or upload to internet, so everybody can find a gpx route for his gps and don’t get lost. Mostly these walking clubs are using Everytrail.


Later at RenPet house Juktas had a swim in the pool and I had a coffee with good company.

It was a lovely relaxing day. I needed it after a whole week running around in offices for the business.

But this is another blog site.


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