We are a three member’s family living in the beautiful island of Crete. We get involved with geocaching more than five years ago. It surprised us that looking for new caches or looking for a place to hide one we rediscovered the island. We found places of unique beauty which we didn’t believe there are here. The last year we are having been in contact with a lot fellow geocachers from all over the world and tried to guide them through the island. But due to our work we don’t have much time in the summer when most people are coming.

So we decided to start this blog to share our experiences and to advice people about geocaching in Crete. We are hoping to have contributions from our friends here in the island but also from abroad. We are looking for your comments to our posts so we could improve these by the time.


9 responses to “About

  1. Dear Omilos,
    Congratulations for this great start in blogging a story about Geocaching on Crete.
    We are sure his will be a big help for Geocaching Friends visiting Crete.
    Warmest regards

  2. An excellent idea! It can bring people together!
    We’;; be followers!

  3. Omilos

    What a great idea to start this blog – a place for geocaching on Crete and stories to be told.

    Kind regards
    jorusol – aka Jorunn and Hans

  4. Hello Omilos,
    we are one couple from prague, Czech Republic.
    We leave for Crete June 16 for 2 weeks holliday in Georgioupolis, with geocaching. Actually, we prepare the trips, we visite and appreciate your geo-blogg. I cannot find soulution for Kules nano (second part, three final digits from each coordinate). Please help us a little, we would visit Heraklion too.
    I spoke not english, better is for me French, German or Russian…
    Thanks in advance,
    Mirka (female part of Mandorun)

  5. Hi there! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award for presenting me a new way to discover Crete. (This will either make you smile or grit your teeth; apologies for the latter). Please visit me at http://artandkitchen.wordpress.com/awards-and-events/ to see what it is all about.

  6. denis jacquemot. pseudo geocache : kuumiut

    April 29, I come to Crete. I’ll walk Kastelli in Kato Zakros, the trail E4.
    I am a geocacher too. I hope to make many caches. Do you have a list of caches along the E4?
    We will be two and we will have our tent and camping equipment.
    Maybe we’ll see …

  7. Hello Omilos. First thank you for following my blog. I live Agios Nikolaos Area on Crete. I am English Please explain what Geocacher means. Is it to do with Geology. I am retired so don’t do much in the way of long walks now. Have you been to Spinalonga ?

  8. Omilos and Juktas,

    Thank you for this blog! I can now travel vicariously through Crete when I am back home! Thank you too for all the wonderful meals and good times at your restaurant in Archanes. Those were some of the best meals my students and I have had in all of Greece!

  9. Hi there! Nice to find your site. Do you know if there is some place in Heraklion whew I could buy a travel bug tag? I would like to make a bug and send it back on a journey to my home country. I will stay in Heraklion for one month 🙂

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