3 churches in 2 gorges

Yesterday morning it started very well. Just I turned on the Cretan Highway towards Rethimno I saw a fantastic picture. Blue sky without clouds and a white mountain, Psiloritis. And on top I was listening Caruso singing Verdi operas. That was a moment!!!


Later on as I was going to a new cache area, I passed Psiloritis legs and I stopped a few times to make some photos.

The target for the day was: to find Agios Haralambos gorge cache (without getting wet) and try to find out how the E4 goes in this area.


The new and very active cacher FSarakin , who placed this box, is doing an excellent job with the descriptions. So I didn’t get lost, plus I didn’t get wet. It is a fantastic gorge with a lot of water in this time of the year. The sides, the high rock walls are amazing.



You have to know I am still swimming in the sea, like today, but I didn’t like to cross icy cold streams with walking boots.


After the FTF I drove back to Ano Asites village and ask old men how I can find the way to Agios Antonios church. At home I studied the E4 and for sure the trail is passing this church.

I was lucky that I found only two because both told me different ways to go. I followed the instruction by feeling. When I left from this stop I saw the E4 sign just above them on an electric pole. I had a good big smile. This is the first and the last E4 sign for this part of the trail.


I got to the church quite easy and hided a cache. It is nice church with well looked after area, an open fireplace, a picnic area and a nice wooden bridge what goes nowhere. The box is located nearby.


Then I phoned George at home to check out where I had to continue the trail. I had with me a copy of the E4 book but I couldn’t understand it. The way the book is describing is inaccessible in winter time. You have to walk in the river bed, which is full of running water now. I also followed a dirt road but I did get just to olive fields.

It is good when I am on line by phone with George. I gave him the coordinates of where I am and he found the dirt road and told me if it goes anywhere.

Agios Charalambos (Αντιγραφή)

After no success from this part I drove to Kerasia village, where the E4 trail supposed to get out from the gorge.


I saw again a marvelous view, this time Mt Dikti was in white. Crete is beautiful!!!

From here I turned to Agia Faneromeni church what is on the trail. I saw again 1 sign about half way to the church. This church it is nearly the other end of Agios Antonios gorge.

If somebody likes to come from there it is about 1.5km in the river bed. But my opinion is better to walk till Agios Antonios church, cross the wooden bridge and climb up a little hill till the dirt road and follow it till the next E4 CTC cache. It is a little bit longer but sure better.


To hide this cache was a little bit difficult. I didn’t find some rocks to place under. So I had an apple and I saw a perfect hiding place. This is not the usual Cretan style. Wow what an apple can do!!


The Heraklion region E4 trail caches getting organized and I am nearly ready to find out how the path goes. In this area to find the E4 trail is a big challenge because here we are not in mountain area so we have so many possibilities to go. Whenever I saw an E4 sign I will make a waypoint and place it on the map. PLEASE if you are walking around the Island and see a sign send me the coordinates.

Now we have more than 12 caches in this region so I hope the BONUS cache will be out till May.


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