Searching for E4 trail at the South of Juktas


Today we had about 20 degrees, no wind and fantastic sunshine. So I had to go out. George is caching in Rethimno area with RenPet.  I went nearby at Juktas area. Juktas is one of my favorite mountains. It has so many different faces. From the NW looks like a man face horizontally, from the N is a “high” peak, from the E is there a village Archanes, from the S it has a “mirror”. Now a new cache at the south foot and another near a cave (Hostos nero).


First I drove to the top; I wanted to take a few nice winter pictures from the 2 high mountains, Psiloritis and Dikti. I was really disappointed when I understood my camera didn’t has its memory card.(I lost it and forgot to place a new in) Never mind I got a smart phone so at least I could make photos for the new caches. Many times we saw the sign Hostos Nero and today I was ready to discover. I remember the bad reputation – a lot of girls went there to find water and did not come back-so I didn’t plan to go in. How I saw probably I couldn’t (XXXL can’t fit, maybe stuck) .

IMG_20130122_113127But it is a quiet, relaxing place for a picnic. I hide a box us usual Cretan way and started to walk back to the car. It is a short walk about 300m only. On the way back I notice a few dead sheep’s. They were long there and they didn’t smell. I hope will be no more later on. Or the sheep’s like elephant they like to die at a specific place?!

After I drove down from the mountain and started to look for the E4 trail. A few week ago we tryied to locate the path but road was snowy so we turned back home empty handed. This time was also no success. I saw 3 sign; no more. I know the trail has to arrive to Profitis Ilias village but God knows how. There are so many dirt roads!


Anyway I enjoyed the nature and the mountain from this side too. I hide a box near the “sure” trail and write the letter for the Bonus cache and made nice pictures. And the smartphone camera broke. Today it wasn’t for making photos!!


Then I had a quick stop in the village, I had to change the logbook in the Archanes micro cache and I write in the letter too.


Now it is 5 in the afternoon. I just came out from the sea after swimming. The colors of the sea and sky are fantastic and I am writing this blog in the warm car.


Life is good! (Especially in Crete)


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