First E4 CTC bonus is out

After a whole day driving around half of Crete I had to go out for a walk. The drive and work was a disaster. At least I got 2 finds yesterday.


Today plan was to find a part of E4 trail in Heraklion area, maybe to place new caches and walk and enjoy the nature. The weather was perfect. So I didn’t bother carry my jacket with me. That was not a clever move. I started the walk with the usual help.

1. E4 trail map-a little bit old-

2. Copy of the book of the trail-10 years old-

3. Printed Google Earth  satellite map

4. GPS field with all maps of Crete

In the first km or two I saw some old signs.


The nature what I only saw yesterday from the car was beautiful. It is great to smell, see, and hear all around. Many people were working on the field. They were cutting, clearing olive trees and vineyards. Put fire on the brunches, on the E4 pool too.


I hope he didn’t burn it, so it will be there for a few years more. After a few km of nice walk I crossed the canyon area. I lost my way for a while. So many roads around!


I placed a new box, and continued the uphill till the asphalt road. It was a steep walk. After 2 km I reached Mirtia. It is a nice small traditional village. Here is also Nikos Kazantzakis birth house and museum, what I didn’t visit today, but George says it is very interesting. Next time.


From Mirtia through Astraki I went down to the gorge. I found again a Wind&Water little box, wrote a letter in it for the bonus, and continued in the gorge.


This gorges are well looked after, it is always pleasure to walk in.

bonus blog (Αντιγραφή)

I tried to follow the book word by word. But after 11km of walk, I was too tired to challenge myself and hike up from the gorge without any path in Huge vegetation. So I walked till the end of the gorge and I was hoping somebody pick me up and get me back to my car. I was very lucky. In 2 minutes a car stopped, the only car (it isn’t a busy road) and took me close at the place where I parked in the morning.


After I drove around again to find a place for the bonus box and find more E4 signs.

I record all the E4 signs and mark them on Google Earth. Maybe like this the trail can be found easier.

Friend, walkers, cachers are doing the same. Thank you for it. If you like to help the listing doesn’t hesitate.

All the help is good and useful. You can send me by mail the coordinates of a pole or a sign or just a yellow-black painted rock. Everything you can find.

At first I want to follow my version of E4 to cross Crete and later I am planning to do all of it.

Susana's birthday (Αντιγραφή)


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