East Crete

This area is a huge and not easy for driving and caching. But everybody can have great hikes, walks or just resting at the beaches. I just drove the route , what we did at Easter time on 3 days. I hope more caches will come at this unknown but beautiful area.

East crete for blog

The rutes can download here: green, red, yellow, blue, white, black.

1. Hey, Ducky!                       34. Treasure island box

2. Istron                                    35. Katsunaki

3. Ancient olive                     36. Avlaki

4. Mirabello Bay Panorama

5. Agio Pnevma                     37. Makry Gialos

6. Richtis Stone Bridge

7. Waterfalls

8. Sitia Kazarma fortress

9. Moni Toplou

10. Palm Beach Vai

11. Vai Wuthhering Heights

12. Chochlacache at Chochlakies

13. Zakros view

14. Above Zakros

15. Skalia


17. Kato Zakros

18. Pelekita cave

19. Ambelos-Fantasies

20. Liviko view

21. Agia Irini

22. Voila

23. Kato Perivolakia

24. Perivolakia gorge

25. kalo Nero Vista

26. Pefki gorge

27. Pefki view

28. Spileo Vriko

29. Bills pass

30. Dasaki

31. E4 view

32. Psichro II-the cradle of the water 

33. Blick uber Koutsounari




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