From Armeni to the South Rethimno

This is a colorfull route  and it is about 120km. A little hiking, swimming and beautiful caches.

Armeni  to South

HERE is the file what you can download for your GPS

1.   Oil mill of Armeni                                           23. In memory of Jurosol E4 CTC

2.   Koxare Turkish Fort                                     24.Ammudi

3.   Kato Mixorrouma                                          25. Short brake above Plakias

4.   Spili                                                                      26. Galapagos on Planet_P

5.   Prassino Lithos                                                27. The magic bridge

6.   The Overlook                                                   28. Kirrimianou-815m

7.   Agios Pavlos

8.   The Earthcache of Aghios Pavlos

9.   Triopetra

10.  “The Rock at Ligres-Beach”

11.  Hiking Along the Cost

12.  Agia Fotia

13.  Stairway the Heaven

14.  Megalopotamos

15.  Preveli view Deluxe

16.  Preveli view

17.  Preveli monument

18.  Timeos Stavros-JS#3

19.  Plakias

20.  Plakias old olive mill

21.  St. Nikolaos church

22.  Bottom of the gorge


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