Holiday season Boxing Day

First of all I had A fantastic time at Christmas and New Year holidays, with a lot of caching, an Event and great time with friends.

At Boxing day AlbouqerqueBill arrived with her NON cacher daughter for a few days of holidays in Crete.


The first thing we did was caching. For Bill was his fourth time in the island and he has place some nice caches too , mostly at East Crete. We had again beautiful weather with sunshine and we drove a little bit West, near Heraklion. The first find was Heraklion panorama what he found with Juktas. Till they were looking for the box on the hillside I and Dani ( Bill’s daughter) started to know each other. She is more interesting for archeological sites than find boxes between stones.


The next stop we had was at Aloni, what is an interesting geological formation. It is a collapsed cave. We made a quick photo for the Earthcache, and I explained what formed like this the area.


The next box was Old quarry by Wind&Water, where Bill had a hard time to get the cachebox.


Later we drove to Almiros spring and lake cache. There Bill found the box and we left for the river. I wanted to show them how big and strong is the river near the sea. I explained them why it is little bit salty the water here.


On the way home Bill was “bipping”. Here is a box, there is a box. So we got other 4 boxes too and Juktas and Me had a quick swim in the sea. The last was at Kazantzakis grave at sunset. Bill is a real cacher, for him it is difficult to walk by a box.


Later we had a good meal and planning for the next days. We had to combine the caches with archeological interest. It is not too difficult on Crete. Many boxes  –maybe 30%- are near archeological sites.



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